• JULIAN CONRAD (Managing Director & Hydrogeologist)
    JULIAN CONRAD (Managing Director & Hydrogeologist)
  • DALE BARROW (Director & Hydrogeologist)
    DALE BARROW (Director & Hydrogeologist)
  • CORNÉ ENGELBREGHT (Hydrogeologist & Drilling specialist)
    CORNÉ ENGELBREGHT (Hydrogeologist & Drilling specialist)
  • CHARL MULLER (Hydrogeologist & Geotechnical Specialist)
    CHARL MULLER (Hydrogeologist & Geotechnical Specialist)
  • DANIÉL MULDER (Hydrogeologist & Geophysicist)
    DANIÉL MULDER (Hydrogeologist & Geophysicist)
  • KES MURRAY (Hydrogeologist & Yield Testing Specialist)
    KES MURRAY (Hydrogeologist & Yield Testing Specialist)
  • REUBEN LAZARUS (Hydrogeologist & Yield Testing Specialist)
    REUBEN LAZARUS (Hydrogeologist & Yield Testing Specialist)
  • MANUEL JANEIR (Technician)
    MANUEL JANEIR (Technician)
  • LIZANNE SMIT (Hydrogeologist & Numerical Modeler)
    LIZANNE SMIT (Hydrogeologist & Numerical Modeler)
  • HENDRÉ HENN (GIS analyst)
    HENDRÉ HENN (GIS analyst)
  • MARILIE CARSTENS (GIS & Database Analyst)
    MARILIE CARSTENS (GIS & Database Analyst)
  • MICHAEL HOLLOWAY (Hydrogeologist & Monitoring specialist)
    MICHAEL HOLLOWAY (Hydrogeologist & Monitoring specialist)
  • JANDRÉ DE BEER (Hydrogeologist)
    JANDRÉ DE BEER (Hydrogeologist)
  • PREANNA NAICKER (Hydrogeologist & Groundwater Governance)
    PREANNA NAICKER (Hydrogeologist & Groundwater Governance)
  • JODI COETZEE (Legal Compliance & Administration)
    JODI COETZEE (Legal Compliance & Administration)
  • CHRISTEL VAN STADEN (Hydrogeochemist)
    CHRISTEL VAN STADEN (Hydrogeochemist)
  • NEVILLE PAXTON (Hydrogeologist at Eastern Cape Office)
    NEVILLE PAXTON (Hydrogeologist at Eastern Cape Office)
  • MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
    MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
  • MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
    RONELLE WARD (Financial assistant)
  • MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
    HEILIAN BAADJIES (Accounts Clerk)
  • MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
    ALISON MCDULING (Office Administrator)
  • MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
    MINKE VAN ZYL (Project Co-ordinator)
  • MEGAN CONRAD (Financial Manager)
    ZITA HARILALL (Hydrogeochemist)

GEOSS is proud to present its experienced staff members, many who are leaders in their field of expertise, who together have created a dynamic, friendly and hard working team.

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Client Testimonial

Thank you for the report. The report is well written (as always) and gives a clear picture on the state of ground and surface water. Thank you for including the section on the parameters (reduction thereof). Thank you to GEOSS for the excellent service.

— Francois Kotze – Manager: Environmental Management, Overberg District Municipality

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