• Groundwater Exploration which entails geological mapping, hydrocensus surveys; geophysical surveys; 3D conceptualization which all contributes to informed borehole siting and associated borehole drilling design, borehole construction and borehole specifications.
  • Borehole Drilling which includes collating drilling quotations and appointment of drillers; managing drilling contracts; geological supervision of borehole drilling and the borehole driller; compilation of borehole logs and drilling reports, including geological and water strike information and design of the following steps.
  • Legislative aspects, including registration and Water Use Licence Applications and Water Service Intermediary (WSI) submissions; as well as submitting documentation and data as required per Compliance Conditions and/or Municipal By-Laws.
  • Monitoring and Management, including groundwater evaluation with respect to sustainability; determination of seasonal groundwater level and quality fluctuations; assessment of impacts of neighboring groundwater use; compliance with regulatory requirements (including electronic flow and water level monitoring, with telemetry.
  • Numerical Modelling which includes detailed resource sustainability evaluations; assessment of impacts of abstracting or other stresses on aquifers (scenario modelling); numerical groundwater flow and mass transport (contaminant migration) modelling; geodatabases / geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.
  • Ancillary Groundwater Services, which includes aquifer protection and management; borehole camera logging; groundwater contamination assessments; groundwater impact assessments; geotechnical studies and specialist groundwater input as required for legal cases.

GEOSS South Africa (Pty) Ltd is an expert groundwater consulting company that focuses on the exploration, development, monitoring, management and protection of our precious groundwater in southern Africa.

Our team of well-qualified professionals represent the diverse nature of the company and services that we offer, within the field of geology, hydrogeology and geotechnical studies.

Our purpose is to assist and enable informed, responsible, and legally compliant long-term use of groundwater whilst ensuring environmental protection measures are maximised.

Client Testimonial

I would just like to say thank you to the GEOSS team especially to Corne and Lizanne for their assistance to date. I have learnt a tremendous amount from both of you and enjoyed working with you from day 1. GEOSS has taught me so much about groundwater extraction and the sustainability thereof and you can be sure that I have been referring all companies reps to GEOSS and the amazing services offered. GEOSS has played an extremely critical role at I&J Woodstock and VAP – the value add speaks for itself. I wish the GEOSS team all the best for all future endeavours and sincerely hope you positively impact all other clients the way you have I&J. God bless!

— I&J

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