GEOSS Isipho Trust

The GEOSS Isipho Trust was established on 21 January 2019, with the purpose of operating as a Broad-Based Ownership Scheme and Public Benefit Organisation. The Board of Trustees is comprised of two members of the Board of Directors of GEOSS South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Julian Conrad and Dale Barrow, and two independent trustees, Jordache Fortuin and Priscilla Muller.

The name Isipho Trust, translates to the word “gift” in Zulu. The aim of the trust is to economically empower its beneficiaries and promote community-based projects to the benefit of black women and children by means of the Isipho Trust Fund. The Trust will focus on economically empowering especially black employees that are in full-time salaried employ of GEOSS South Africa (Pty) Ltd as well as socio-economically empowering qualifying non-profit organisations to access the economy.

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Client Testimonial

Thank you for the tremendous effort, and the excellent result.

— Marius Page

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