Sustainable Groundwater Use

Electro magnetic loop for aquifer surveys. © City of Cape Town

South Africa (SA) is a water scarce country that is characterised by extreme climatic conditions and evaporation rates that often exceed precipitation. The country is projected to have a 17% water supply deficit by 2030 (DWS, 2019). This can be mitigated by increasing water efficiency and diversifying water sources. By 2040, alternative sources such as desalinated seawater, water reuse, including treated acid mine drainage and increased groundwater usage, will make a significant contribution to SA’s water mix reducing over reliance on surface water (DWS, 2019).

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Client Testimonial

Dear Mr Conrad,
Thank you for all what you have arranged in a minimum time, no one else has been able to get this done to date.

— Momo Vittorio G.

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