Groundwater – general guidelines towards monitoring and management (funded by Potatoes South Africa)

The intention is to provide a broad overview of groundwater resources in terms of how it occurs (its distribution across South Africa) as well as an overview of the complete “life cycle” of groundwater development projects (starting with drilling and on through yield testing; monitoring and all the way to the authorization of the use of groundwater). A major objective of this booklet is to emphasize that sound science underpins the topic of groundwater and all associated aspects (exploration, development, monitoring and management). Another objective is to encourage all groundwater users to properly manage groundwater through water level, flow and rainfall monitoring. If, as a result of this publication, there is an increase in awareness and of groundwater monitoring, we will have met our objective. There is a lot of text, literature and useful websites on groundwater. Please use this guideline and additional available information so as to ensure that your groundwater use is responsible and sustainable, particularly in light of the role that agriculture plays in South Africa and Africa, and to ensure its availability for future generations.

PSA GEOSS Groundwater Guidelines

PSA GEOSS Grondwater Riglyne

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Thank you for the tremendous effort, and the excellent result.

— Marius Page

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